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The VR and AR industry is developing across all application areas, ranging from industry to healthcare applications, from virtual reality education and training to gaming and entertainment purposes. VR and AR have the potential to transform the way we learn, communicate, work, experience the world, and interact with each other. It can transform our economies by creating a new profitable industry which will benefit companies large and small.

VR Architectural Development

The next revolution in virtual reality architectural will be demanding VR walk through tours.  Virtually walk through your future VR design before its physical existence.
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VR Enterprise Development

Specialist partner for custom virtual reality applications and augmented reality experiences that maximise visual quality while being scalable across the business.
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VR Game Development

The latest Virtual Reality game technology to build a final product that appeals to your audience and assists you in leading the VR game race.
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3D Modeling 

Specialist in 3D modelling for real-time 3D interactive experiences.  Building your 3D models ready for web based or real-time.
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Education & Learning

Virtual Reality for education and learning. Helping you to deliver engaging lesson with the technical setup and guidance.
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3D Rendering

Bring your experience to life with dynamic 3D scenes.  A 3D modelling service for photorealistic real-time scenes.
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Customers Say

The following quotes are typical for the customer appreciation 3D VR Designs receives. 
This underlines our commitment to provide total customer satisfaction and to overachieve goals as your trusted partner and advisor.
  1. I believe 3D VR Designs is an excellent partner and that is why it continues to be a go-to place for Virtual Reality walk-throughs.
    Laura Stinson
  2. The developers at 3D VR Designs are a positive and encouraging team of recruitment professionals and when referred for positions I feel reassured and confident.
    Patricia Davidson
  3. The whole team at 3D VR Designs have always done amazing 3D modeling work. Being working with the team for the past 2 years and always been happy their work.
    David Landers
  4. I have always had a wonderful experience with 3D VR Designs & will continue to recommend them as my preferred VR Company.
    Paul Christian
  5. Most impressed with the team at 3D VR Designs who came to our business location to set up our HTC vive. Hard working and very knowledgeable.
    Patricia Davidson
  6. On time with my vr tour, very knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Would use them again.
    Jennifer Fields

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3D VR Designs VR solution offers an intuitive design experience allowing you to quickly create unique geometries and designs in an immersive setting.
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