Virtual Reality Training for schools, Learning Centres, Corporate and senior living

One of the most important factors of implementing any technology, especially in the classroom, is to ensure adequate support and training. Our 'Technical Setup' and 'Teacher Training' services provide everything you need to get up to speed quickly and confidently, helping you to deliver engaging lessons. And we will continue to be there to support you if you need any help...
​Immersive Education
Educatin & Learning
School VR events
Teachers are introduced to the intuitive ClassVR Portal, including how to manage headsets in class and how to upload custom vr content. 
VR for senior living
Spark new conversations and memories with impactful, interactive content.  Hike up Macchu Picchu as a group, or go on a walking tour of Paris.
VR for corporate training
Learning Centre VR Events
Opportunities for training in the workplace, from basic manual labouring techniques all the way through to high level executive development.
A variety of introductory hands on courses for virtual reality education.  We have extensive experience in training teachers how to use technology successfully in the classroom.
VR in Education & Industry
Our versatile platform using the power of Virtual Reality for education and training from the classroom to the boardroom.

We can provide custom development of hardware and software to meet specific needs of any industry, just let us know your thoughts and ideas and we can help you deliver a custom solution.
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​Real estate

VR Headsets


Techincal Consulting
On site deployment
Troubleshooting and support


Curated licensed content
Training for software
Custom software solutions
Custom app solutions
Kitchen & Bath Design Training
2020 is a powerful designing and drafting software used to create precise 2D and 3D designs. In this course, our instructors will go beyond the basics covered in Learning 2020, providing you with the information you need to use 2020 Design competently in any industry. We will demonstrate how to manage units and options; draw and modify objects; work with dimensioning techniques; and use attributes. Upon wrapping up this course, you'll have the skills you need to confidently use 2020 in the fields of architecture, construction, manufacturing, or product design.
Design Fundamentals
Advanced 2020 Design
Learn how to efficiently plan using 2020 Design. We will focus on accurately designing architecture, placing cabinetry, and presenting your design through reports, plans, and renderings.
This 2020 Design training course will focus on the details of 2020 Design. You will learn how to modify a layout, manage lighting, present your design with layouts and 360° panoramic views...

What will the 2020 Design Fundamentals & Advance ​
classroom training teach you?
• Identify basic information prior to drawing a design
• Navigate the user interface
• Access the program
• Enter design information and save designs
• Assign preferences
• Draw/edit walls
• Add openings and obstacles (windows, doors, doorways, etc.)
• Use the Drag & Drop list and the Placement tool
• Place cabinets, appliances, add-ons, sinks, fillers, moldings, countertops, islands, and panels
• Determine the space available on a design
• Add, name, resize, and delete elevation areas
• Zoom and scroll through a design
• Place items automatically
• Edit items and delete multiple items simultaneously
• Add dimensions and notes
• Select styles and pricing (door styles, pulls, price level, cost/sell rate)
• Produce reports
• Generate and save renderings (elevation, isometric, top view, perspective)
• Preview and print plans and elevations
• Download catalogs, updates and get support from
• Recognize and modify countertops, soffits, moldings and toe kicks
• Add and modify a legend
• Create a customized item, save an image of the item, and add it to your own library
• Add a side elevation area
• Manage notes (add, modify, save, reuse)
• Change the display settings
• Create a cathedral wall
• Insert a 2020 file
• Group items
• Mirror a plan
• Save a floor plan and an elevation area in .jpg format
• Print floor plans and elevation areas
• Produce an isometric rendering and change the viewpoint
• Produce perspectives quickly
• Manage lighting and lighting properties, including spot lights, ceiling lights and sunlight
• Select optimal rendering options and viewpoint
• Save views
• Add lighting and decorative items
• Draw and modify a tile backsplash, and select and customize textures
• Create a drawing layout (presentation document)
​• 360° panoramic views
With 2020 you can learn how to create 360° panoramic views​

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