We develop virtual reality applications that have real-world uses, educate staff and consumers and evoke emotion. Our virtual reality application development process is entirely turn-key as we work from initial design to final release with you every step of the way.

The experience was deployed using the HTC Vive and allowed customers to explore the car through a series of interaction points and a selection of configuration options.  3DVR Designs can quickly integrate with emerging headsets and SDKs, allowing brands and agencies to rapidly include new hardware in their campaigns.  Our optimised real-time 3D rendering engine and content pipeline means we can provide high-poly, detailed content that showcases the full potential of new devices
Please allow 10-15 seconds to load
Use the mouse wheel to move freely
Double click/tap on the floor to move to the point
Engage customers anywhere
Showroom experience
Smartphone VR Apps that work stand alone or can integrate with your online configurator, to allow your customers to see any configuration in VR.
Simple but effective VR experiences in showrooms that can cost-effectively scale across dealer networks
Create a sales solutions
VR application development
Portable Mobile virtual reality applications that offers a “dealership in a briefcase” solution for sales teams on out-of-showroom customer visits.
When we reach the design phase, we then begin to see the application being put together in a simple form. We focus on function and making sure the user is able to perform the tasks that the client requires.
High quality & performance
High-poly content with advanced lighting and reflections
Fully integrated with your existing models
Our solutions don’t require manual re-modelling for VR or AR
Full range of VR and AR devices
We support the latest and emerging headsets and mobile devices

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