What we do
We have a team of experienced VR Developers, well supported by our Design and Creative wing.
Immersive level design
VR lighting
VR development has unique strengths and weaknesses, and will require high level of brainstorming and prototyping skills. Level needs to be designed in such a ways that overall immersive experience of looking around is exclusive.
Lighting in game development comes with very expensive cost of performance and VR games does double rendering of the same frame. To optimize it, our skilled professionals employ various methods, such as using baked lighting instead of costly dynamic light and use of occlusion based culling so that camera renders only what is visible.
HTC Vive development
Healthy gaming
The HTC Vive may look like a relatively simple device but it is actually a pretty amazing piece of kit packing a wealth of cutting-edge tech. The hugely exciting virtual reality headset includes a whole bunch of amazing hardware designed to create a sense of complete immersion in a three-dimensional world. Occulus comes with head tracking gyro-censors, surround audio, xbox and occulus touch integration. All sectors of HTC Vive technology can be programmed by our Unity Programmers.
With bad Virtual Reality you can experience symptoms very similar to motion sickness, including, discomfort, headache, stomach awareness, nausea, vomiting, pallor, sweating, fatigue, drowsiness, disorientation, and apathy. Virtual reality sickness is different from motion sickness, because it can be caused by a moving image, rather than actual motion itself. We understand these problems come due to 100 degree limit of field of view and Unrealistic motion in Virtual world due to lower frame rates so we keep an eye on these.
Why us?
The main challenge with VR is frame rate. If your device's frame rate does not match with user head motion it will cause motion sickness. To maintain a proper 60FPS frame rate in VR Mode is relatively hard to other normal game types due to use of rendering twice for each eye perspective. This makes VR optimization challenging. We use every possible optimization techniques like Object pooling, dynamic and static batching, baked lighting, VR optimized shading and list goes on. We make sure to CPU cycle in persisted way to get the best experience.
We have also developed expertise in using various Libraries/tools build around Unity to speed up the overall development cycle of VR games rather than working directly with OpenGL, which becomes very cumbersome and time consuming.

Controller integration
We are experienced in use of controllers like Xbox, playstation, vive or Bloothooth controller Integration with your VR world which gives you more control over gameplay.

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